Unlocking Sales Growth for Tech Startups

By simplifying your sales process, so you focus on customers.

Tech startups face unique sales challenges. We tackle them head-on. Our team specializes in sales, lead generation, and sales operations, offering solutions that optimize your growth trajectory. From creating targeted prospect lists to streamlining sales workflows, we ensure efficiency at every step.Through our strategies, we've facilitated crucial meetings for our clients with top-tier companies, emphasizing lead quality over quantity.

Satiesh Sheriff heads our team.

With 5 years in startups, marketing, and lead generation, he has consulted for over 80 global startups. His CXL certification in customer acquisition and growth marketing underlines his commitment to startup success.

In the world of tech startups, success hinges on identifying and targeting the right companies. Research isn't just a preliminary step; it's the foundation upon which effective sales and marketing strategies are built. Our team understands this nuance, emphasizing meticulous lead research to ensure that every effort is directed towards genuine opportunities.

While many focus on the sheer number of leads, we prioritize their quality. Our track record includes facilitating impactful interactions for our clients with industry frontrunners, ensuring that every lead has substantial potential.

At the forefront of our research initiatives is Shellanie Ramlal-Sheriff, our Head of Lead Research.

With 6 years immersed in startups and lead generation, Shellanie has directed lead research endeavors for over 100 global startups, ensuring precision and relevance in every project.

Our Values

A few things that we believe in

Passion for startup success

We're driven to help founders overcome obstacles and reach their goals.


We think outside the box to develop innovative solutions tailored to each client.


Working closely with clients, we craft strategies that align with their unique needs.


As startups evolve, we're ready to pivot and adjust our approach accordingly.

Data-driven decisions

We base our recommendations on data and insights to ensure effective results.

Continuous learning

 We stay up-to-date with industry trends to offer the best support possible.

How we do it

We have the knowledge and the tools to help you succeed.

CRM setup and optimization

Sales process evaluation and streamlining

Lead generation through targeted campaigns

Outbound and inbound campaign management

Custom sales strategy development

Reporting development

Need help with a project?

Overwhelmed by sales operations tasks? Our skilled team is ready to assist, ensuring your sales process runs smoothly and efficiently. Reach out and let's elevate your sales performance together!

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