For Busy Tech Founders and small teams:

Sales Operations to Help You Grow to $300k - $1M ARR

We will build out your sales operations & CRM, and if you don’t add a minimum of $100k ARR in 60 days, you don’t pay.

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Just a few

Past results from our clients

clients success stories

For a Content agency 

We built their lead gen system that produced:

3-5 qualified calls per week
$40k in MRR
40% of their total annual revenue

For a Trade Dev agency

We lead their email marketing program that:

Filled their paid events during the year
Over 80 calls per month
$300k in total annual revenue.

For a digital agency

We built out their:

Newsletter outreach campaign
Added $30k MRR
20% annual revenue.

For a digital marketing agency

We were able to:

Setup a Linkedin outreach campaign
Using only 1 Linkedin account
60 qualified calls in two months.

For a HR SAAS company

With no sales system in place. We were able to:

Build out their CRM and reporting
Created a lead generation engine
184 opportunities, $9MM in pipeline.

For a data company

We were able to:

Ran their high ticket lead gen campaign
Booked 4-5 qualified calls per month
$500k+ in pipeline.
As a founder with a lean team…

you're juggling

many responsibilities, particularly in sales, lead generation, and sales operations.

Limited resources

With a small team and tight budget, allocating enough time and resources to sales and lead generation can be a delicate task.

Limited tools

As your startup grows, you need to scale your sales processes and systems, which can be challenging without the right tools in place.

Inconsistent lead generation activities

Identifying your target market and developing strategies to reach them can be a complex puzzle to solve.

Lack of sales processes

With a lean team, efficient sales processes are crucial to boost productivity and close deals more quickly.

Unlock Efficiency and Accelerate Growth

From Chaos to $1MM in ARR

Are your day-to-day operations chaotic and disorganized?

Contact details scattered across various sources, campaigns unanalyzed, and sales calls left unattended? It's time to take control and optimize your sales process for maximum efficiency and results.

With our expertise, we'll streamline your operations, connect your tools and workflows, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Our proven methods have helped startups like yours go from $300k to $1MM in ARR in record time.

Let us guide you on this journey, fine-tuning every element of your sales process to skyrocket your chances of success.

Together, we'll transform chaos into a well-oiled revenue-generating machine.

This is how we will do that.

This is how we will get you to

$300k - $1MM in ARR

By ensuring we are:

Always following up with cold leads

Let's dig into your CRM, find those lost conversations, and transform them into fresh opportunities.

Prioritizing leads
Multi-channel outreach
Re-engagement campaign

Always running outbound campaigns

Let's get you talking to new prospects today. How? Let's start with outbound.

Cold Email
Warm Calling

Always ensuring your CRM is accurate

Let's use your data goldmine, your CRM. We 'll clean your existing leads and ensure they are accurate.

Deduping Leads, Contacts and Accounts
Deduping Leads, Contacts and Accounts
Find leads to re-engage

Always building targeted prospect lists

We will build highly targeted lists of people who would want to buy from you.

Sales triggers and buying signals
Based on ICP
Experimental testing lists

Always ensuring your flows are flowing

Use a few tools for your ops? We will setup workflows to ensure leads coming in are actioned the right way and nothing gets dropped.

Lead scoring & routing
Marketing automation setups
Campaign Management

Always running inbound campaigns

Let's get the foundation going of people reaching out to you (rather than the other way around).

Content marketing
Email marketing
Satiesh's expertise in sales operations and lead generation was crucial in driving success for our clients. His ability to quickly set up and integrate the outbound sales stack (B2B database, CRM, prospecting software), maintain data integrity and hygiene across these systems, keep campaigns always running, and build complex reports enabled us and our clients to focus our time on strategy, and not worry about the executional details. I’d highly recommend working with him!
Shreesh Naik - Founder of Revpipes
Satiesh is a skilled SalesOps and lead generation expert who's both technical and creative. He quickly sets up outbound sales systems, maintains data integrity, and builds complex reports, while also thinking outside the box and experimenting with copywriting and messaging. Highly recommended for scaling your prospecting and lead-gen systems.
Vikrant Duggal - Founder/Managing Partner - RevPipes
Satiesh has worked with my organization for the last year to assist with lead generation efforts, building high quality outbound sequences and driving qualified meetings for our sales team. He is responsive, proactive, and professional. He has a knack for understanding how different platforms work together and a great "figure it out" attitude that makes my life much easier.
David Locke - Senior Director, Demand Generation at TrueData
Accelerate Your Growth

Leverage Our Expertise for Sales Operations & CRM Success.

I'm Satiesh, the founder of SalesOps Support.

We will build out your sales operations & CRM, and if you don’t add a minimum of $100k ARR in 60 days, you don’t pay.

With our track record of working with hundreds of startups, resulting in thousands in MRR and ARR, and millions in pipeline, we're confident in our ability to accelerate your growth.

Take advantage of our over 5 years of SalesOps expertise and extensive experience across the funnel.

From first touch to closed won, we'll build high-impact systems tailored to your needs.

As a HubSpot certified and CXL Certified professional, I'm committed to staying at the forefront of industry knowledge.

Ready to transform your sales operations and achieve extraordinary growth? Let's connect and discuss your goals.

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