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Prospect Lists We’ve Developed

Getting the right audience is critical for effective outreach.

Startup Transition

Startups considering a move from Founder-led sales to hiring a VP of Sales.

Multi-layered Lists

Users of {Popular CRM} in the {{sector}} that integrate survey tools or have website registration forms.

Event Attendees

Companies and contacts who will be present at {{event name}}.

Remote Team Targeting

Companies operating with distributed teams, providing detailed variables for campaigns.

MSP Tool Users

Access to partners and users of {known MSP tools} not available in standard online databases.

Comparable Software

Identifying tools in the {{specific}} vertical that share features with {{list of other tools}}.

Direct Report Identification

Discovering direct reports from a given list of contacts for a more personalized outreach.

Vertical Deep Dive

Unearthing contacts in hard-to-reach industries, especially those absent from LinkedIn.

Mining Online Communities

Scraped specific LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Slack groups for target members.

Competitor Customer Identification

Mined competitor's social groups to identify potential outreach targets.3. Post Engagement Analysis

Post Engagement Analysis

Listed contacts engaging on competitor or solution-related posts.

Job Posting Analysis

Analyzed job posts to pinpoint relevant company pain points.

Targeted Ad Audience Creation

Created custom ad audiences using personal emails on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Competitor Target Analysis

Identify key contacts to engage via mutual connections on LinkedIn.

Certification-Driven Prospecting

Scraped companies with employees holding specific certifications.

Competitor Target Analysis

Analyzed potential contacts and companies using competitors' Linkedin activities.

Tailored Lists for Targeted Outreach

What We Do

In the relentless pace of sales, there are moments when a precision-targeted campaign is essential. Maybe you're aiming for a niche set of companies, or perhaps you have that perfectly crafted message but your SDRs are swamped, or the resources just aren't there to spearhead that initiative.

This is where we step in.We harness our deep expertise in research, analysis, and tactical business intelligence to tackle these challenges. Whether it's delivering a broad sweep or zeroing in on custom research, our goal is simple: ensure you target potential prospects with razor-sharp relevance.

By continuously scanning market signals, monitoring key hires, and dissecting company activities, we anticipate your next big lead.Moreover, our services aren't just about lists; it's about aligning you with the right opportunities, ensuring every connection holds potential.

Need an extra pair of hands

Other Areas We Can Help

Your Sales Team:

Infrastructure Setup

Looking to scale? Let's set up as many sendiing accounts as we can.

Purchase and manage domains.
Set up email accounts.
Add DKIM, SPF, DMARC records.

Campaign Management

Day to day ops is. a pain for your SDRs? Let is help you:

Upload and segment contacts
Adjust and refine email copy
Troubleshoot automation tool issues

Reporting & Analysis

Not seeing the insights you need to see from your tools? Let's help:

Track key performance metrics.
Provide weekly performance reports.
Identify areas for improvement.

Compliance Expertise

Ensure email campaigns adhere to legal and industry standards.

Compliance to CAN-SPAM
Ensure GDPR compliance.
Stay updated on industry standards

Integrations & Tooling

Integrate, monitor, and handle tech-related issues.

Connect tools with CRM.
Monitor tools performance.
Address and solve integration issues.

SOP & Documentation

Develop, maintain, and train on standard operating procedures.

Create detailed SOPs.
Update workflow documentation.
Provide training on new processes.
Satiesh's expertise in sales operations and lead generation was crucial in driving success for our clients. His ability to quickly set up and integrate the outbound sales stack (B2B database, CRM, prospecting software), maintain data integrity and hygiene across these systems, keep campaigns always running, and build complex reports enabled us and our clients to focus our time on strategy, and not worry about the executional details. I’d highly recommend working with him!
Shreesh Naik - Founder of Revpipes
Satiesh is a skilled SalesOps and lead generation expert who's both technical and creative. He quickly sets up outbound sales systems, maintains data integrity, and builds complex reports, while also thinking outside the box and experimenting with copywriting and messaging. Highly recommended for scaling your prospecting and lead-gen systems.
Vikrant Duggal - Founder/Managing Partner - RevPipes
Satiesh has worked with my organization for the last year to assist with lead generation efforts, building high quality outbound sequences and driving qualified meetings for our sales team. He is responsive, proactive, and professional. He has a knack for understanding how different platforms work together and a great "figure it out" attitude that makes my life much easier.
David Locke - Senior Director, Demand Generation at TrueData
Beyond Generic Databases

Transforming B2B Outreach with Expertly Curated Lists

I'm Satiesh, the founder of SalesOps Support.

We create custom prospect lists for your outbound campaigns. If you're not happy with our lists, you don't pay.

Beyond list creation, we can also help with email infrastructure setup, campaign management, reporting, tool integrations, and process documentation.With over 5 years in the business, we've built lists that have directly contributed to increased conversions and revenue.

We use manual research to ensure every list matches your campaign goals. No AI shortcuts, just targeted research.

Looking for the right prospects for your campaigns or need assistance with other sales operations tasks? Let's talk.

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